2013 Focus and Tips

Focus - After years of working with players, I was struggling with two of them recently and asked them what was their #1 thing to focus on in a game.  I got a lot of "Goalieman" answers and it caused me to rethink how I worked with them.  The answer is "WATCH THE BALL", with your hand, see it in the stick, off the lip, in the air (a couple or three times) and into your pocket.  Nothing else is as important.  We keep saying the 5 keys are Watch, Ready, Go, Next (shot) and Protect (the pipe), but of these Watching the ball is the largest by far.  The reason we emphasize these words and skills in goalies is because they are the reasons that goalies get beat.  But, more than 2/3rds of the goals scored are because the goalie quit watching the ball at some point - early to late, watching is great.  So all you players and coaches, focus on the ball all the time it is in the box and your save percentage will go up.

Tips - I am playing again after a long 2 years of rebuilding the muscles and strength in my legs and must say that focusing on the ball when all around you are freaking out is easy to say and hard to do, so keep emphasizing this to your players and players keep finding ways to reset your eyes and top hand on the ball over and over again.

Resetting my feet to have them both point at the shooter with weight forward and over the toes is starting to work again - my feet are helping me move to the ball.  Progress is slow, it seem like I am starting over.  Get someone to do ball toss with you throwing the ball hard and with fakes so that you have to watch the ball with your hand and have to step with the shot on every shot.  And don't forget wall ball starting at 8 yards and throwing hard out of your goalie stance to make saves while watching and stepping - then move in to 6 yards and make saves in all four corners. 



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