AllBallPro - I was at the US Lacrosse Convention milling around the vendor area and saw a rebounder that was being displayed in a netted in area much alike a baseball batting cage.  I went by a couple of times and finally stopped in to see what was what.  They loaned me a stick and a ball and cautioned me to be careful - the ball comes back fast.  So I didn't listen and got hit in the hat with my own pass' bounce back.
It took me 20 or so passes until I set up in my goalie stance and began to throw hard and make saves with an attack stick.  This is the NEW WALL.  Good concrete walls take a lot of speed off the ball.  You have to throw really hard on a concrete wall to get a good return to practice with, yet that wall is really good to work on.

AllBallPro ( is very significantly better.  It is adjustable for the height of the return and the distance.  Obviously, I bought one and have been using it myself and with my students.  It has shown me when my hand grip and rotation is sloppy.   I am improving on every workout.

In working with keeper students, I have them do some of my workout and then use the AllBallPro as my feeder when a parent isn't available to work on feeds with me and the keeper.  Give me a call or email and lets talk about this NEW WALL.  It is the best training equipment I have ever used and I didn't have to build a concrete wall in my back yard.  I use it front of my backup nets with a goal behind me (If I miss I get scored upon - a real reminder of what I am doing).  Then I get 30 yards away and throw outlet passes one after the other - great.
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