2014 Surprise

Old School Surprise - I restarted correspondence with an old friend and goaltender teammate recently.  He was asking about college goalies and their lack of stepping and other things.  It is good to correspond with him.  The most interesting comments regarded hand rotation.  He reiterated his upbringing around great coaches decades ago in NY State what advocated sweeping the stick across the body for off-stick side saves and how so many current goalies don't do that.  His coaches taught goalies to sweep and step and expect to be hit on some shots as a result. He believes that current era goalies are doing it wrong, trying to propeller their sticks to the off-stick side using a hand crossing motion that leaves the keeper unprepared (in those coaches minds) for rebounds. 

 Of course, I believe, teach and advocate that two of the four ways to be fast involve this propeller rotation (to off-side both high and off-hip down to the knee and to low by doing a chop of the top hand underneath the bottom hand).  I did not know about this type of coaching "back in the day" because I learned goaltending much later in life.  This propelller rotation doesn't remove the need for stepping to the shot and getting your body to that side to get hit should the stick miss the ball.  Moreover, as I have been working out on my game, this stepping is the part that comes back the hardest.


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