Lax Stats - Keys to victory - 2007

NCAA 2007 Disappointing Finals - JHU 12 Duke 11 would seem to be a great finish, but Duke gave up 26 shots by JHU in the 1st half (Duke was behind by 10-4 at the half) and Loftus only made 5 1st half saves.  Duke scored 5 unanswered goals in the 3rd period as Jessie Schwartzman looked raged (4 saves in the period - late on shots)  Both gave up too many goals on shots that they normally save.  Even though Jessie Schwartzman had 15 saves total, not a great game for goaltender technique. But, who can forget that Duke-Cornell game.


Overall for Division I, every win in the tournament was won by the team with a positive Shot on Goal (SOG) differential or > 14 saves.  In 2006 it was all about keeping the ball off the goalie (SOG differential) and this year some games were about that and some were about goaltending. 


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