MLL 2011 Championship Observations

     Wow, Lacrosse in a Hurricane.  We were there and the guys played well even with all the rain and wind on Saturday.  Casey Powell was amazing both days for Hamilton.  On Saturday in their win over Denver his three assists and a goal sparked their win - what a passer.  Rogers got hit a lot in goal for Hamilton in the 1st half and Queener played only marginally better in the second for Hamilton.  Hamilton was up 6-1 before the Denver defense and goalie (Schwartzman) got going - that was too big a lead to come back from and win.  Chesapeake and Boston on Saturday was equally bizarre with Chesapeake up 6-1 in the 1st half and losing late as Boston solved Chesapeake's Garrity (too many flops and block attempts and Boston shooting improved).  On Sunday, Casey's four goals kept Hamilton close but the rest of the offense stood around and watched while Boston hammered away for the Championship Win.  Jordan Burke for Boston (Brown University and Bullis School in Maryland) was more than solid in goal and won the MVP of the tournament (23 saves on 44 shots on goal).  I was/am very proud of Jordan especially since I got to teach him goaltending while he was at Bullis. 
     These were atypical MLL games. Boston got off 49 shots in both of their games with 27 and 30 on goal - those are low totals. Hamilton got off 34 and 38 shots with 22 and 18 on goal and Chesapeake and Denver got off 42 and 27 shots with 15 and 26 on goal.  All low totals for MLL games.  The weather had some to do with that on Saturday and fatigue from Saturday looked like it affected both teams on Sunday (Hamilton more than Boston).  Sure was fun to watch.
     The big thing I noticed was how hard it is to play good goaltending against the high speed of play and quick release of the pro offenses.  Just filling up the goal with the body or flopping on low shots has low payoff.  It is very difficult to remain calm and use good technique, but all the good saves were like that and there were a lot of soft looking goals that weren't like that.
    In coaching to avoid those stylistic and under-focus goals, it is vital to work with the keepers to see those shots in goalie workouts with lots of reps to build their concentration, confidence and smooth reaction to the ball.  This is not reaction to the player or distractions. Be patient when you practice tough shots with keepers.  Keep encouraging them that tough shots are possible to save and they will work with you to get there.


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