NCAA  2011 Championship Observations


ACC dominants the NCAA Division I Championships.  Salisbury wins Division III and Mercyhurst wins Division II - its first NCAA championship in anything - congratulations.

How were the goalies: Wow, not very good goalie play.  Where was the Tufts freshman goalie who had 24 saves against Stevenson.  How about Duke's goalie - he didn't see the ball well - and Denver's  goalie didn't see the ball at all until it hit the back of the net.  The big stage is tough on concentration.   But Galloway at Syracuse had a great year and deserves to be 1st team All-American.  Amato is the real deal at Maryland, I expect him to be even better next year as he gets more stamina and full game concentration.

Tips of the Month:  3 games were won by goalies, 5 games were LOST by goalies.  All those losses were because the goalies were watching something other than the ball (mostly the player) and were NOT READY early enough to be effective.  Focus on the ball and be ready and you can help your team more.


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