Goalieman Clinics and Camps

The Goalieman teaches at various clinics and camps. Now we do individual instruction on available Saturdays, Sundays and weeknights and occasional small group clinics on Sundays or Saturdays one to three times a month (see calendar on our home page)

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STX Eclipse

Individual Instruction or Small Clinics


Call for Reservation - you can bring one or more keepers, one or more sessions - Coaches can attend for free. Small Group (up to six participants)  Two Hour Clinics. We have people come from all over the east coast.
Coaches/ Parents are encouraged to attend with their goalies
5920 Bethlehem Court, Rockville, MD 
$60 / Goalie for ea. goalie for ea. 2 hr session
$120 / session for indiviudual instruction
Call for reservations - 301-294-3234 / 443-418-5613

Lacrosse Goaltending II Book


Evening Lacrosse Camp on the Outer Banks in July - see calendar on the home page

Quint Kessenich's Evening Goalie Camp at Boys Latin, Baltimore, June

Microsoft Windows PC CD-ROM with video and narrated presentations

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