Making the Team - Recently in preparation for our team meetings with athletes and parents I thought of the five dumbest things in lacrosse;

  1. An attackman that shoots before he looks

  2. A defenseman that doesn't play his stick in the ball carrier's hands

  3. A goalie that isn't ready when the ball is shot

  4. A player that comes to tryouts but isn't in shape

  5. A student that isn't academically or paperwork eligible (medical, insurance, parental permission, team rules) to play (HS players don't forget to get cleared by the NCAA Clearinghouse before college) - if you are having trouble with academics, make a deal between the athlete and parents to explain the homework to mom/dad every night and their grades will come up.

All of these can be managed by you, the player, if the coach lets them know the score. If players are thinking about how to make your team, here is the simplest answer for field players; 

  • Be in shape so you can hustle even in the fourth quarter of practice

  • Shoot 100 times a day, 50 left and 50 right all on the move

  • Get 6 ground balls every day - practice or games

  • Be able to handle the ball well enough to get that ground ball to the next or more skilled players (zero turnovers)

  • Play strong position defense (even attackmen - riding hard is really playing defense)

  • Go to class and do your homework, all of it every day -- then show it to a parent

and you will make the team. 


For goalies, being ready before the shot, watching the ball and moving aggressive to every shot from warm-ups through to the end of practice as well as take care of the ball (throwing and running) after the save and there will be a spot for you.

Copyright Weston Lacrosse 11-9--08