I retired in August and started Weston Refurb right away by buying up used and mostly non-operational lawn mowers (push, self propelled and riding) and have amassed 80+ mowers and 12+ riding mowers along with weed wackers, edgers and other equipment.  I refurbish them and sell them regionally.

I started selling in September and everything posted on Facebook Marketplace, Craigs List and a few other places is selling right away (including LetGo, NextDoor and OfferUp.  One big key is providing a warranty on everything we sell.  Fun and interesting in many ways (sourcing, buying, posting, selling, supporting).  My goal is to provide reliable equipment at half the new price with a viable warranty, trade-ins and walk-ins (where people pick out what we have that they want to have refurbished for them).

Our contacts are the same as lacrosse (contact me for help or interest):

    Jon Weston - The Goalieman

    Mobile: 443-418-5613      Land Line: 512-943-4018

    Email: westonlax@aol.com

    Address:  176 Logan Ranch Road, Georgetown, Texas 78628

I still have some NOS equipment and string a stick or two from time to time, but Refurb is so much time, I spend most of it there.

Mar 2016 Long Time Coming

We moved to Texas. It took more than a year. We bought our house here in Georgetown (just north of Austin in December 2014 and couldnt sell our Maryland house until a year later. Took over 2 months to pack and one trip with the Jeep and Goalieman trailer to Austin before we could move ourselves and our goods. Of course we threw out a lot before the movers came and we have thrown out more since. The pool is operational and our grandkids love coming for that and for playing at grandpa's and grandma's. I got recruited to coach at Southwestern University (Division III lacrosse) in Georgetown, one of two NCAA schools in the state. It is a fine program, struggling to survive and winning some of the time. Big win over Kean last week. Just in from a long road trip to play Hanover College - coached by Skip Lichtfuss - and Wabash College, both in Indiana.

The business took a big hit with the move but we are back up and working, stringing a few sticks and rebuilding the web site. I am adding constant contact to have some interaction with our customers that we lacked in the past. I hope to serve you well from here.

On a personal note, I am part way recovered from the knee injury suffered in a fall at Navy - Marine Corp stadium in May of 2015 - it required surgery to reconstruct all the quadrecep tendons. I ahve lost 30 lbs and quit eating processed sugar (that is what sugar-aholics have to do) thanks to my mentor, Michelle Weston (daughter-in-law). More weight to loose. If you haven't found the twinge of exercise motivation available from having a Fitbit - a gift from my wife - then try it out. Exercising some every day has been vital to the weight loss and my better health. Lots of water and 8 oz of water with a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar also helps your motabolism at lot too. One day I will be able to run again.

Keep laxin', laughin' and enjoying every day - The Goalieman

Mar 2014 Changes, Changes, Changes

Someone called and I am coaching again as an assistant at Rockville High School in Maryland.  It feels good to be coaching with kids who are motivated and yearning to learn our game.   This team is very good and getting better with each game.

Working with them has made me adjust to teaching fundamentals and weaving them into effective clears, rides and defensive actions.  We have three goalies total for JV and Varsity so I have my hands full there also.

There isn't a lot of great goal being played in the NCAA this year.  Amato at Maryland is good but every one else that I have seen is good in spots and not good in others.  The field is wide open with some possibility that all the teams in the ACC may make the dance - go figure.  This teaches how big a priority it is to have a goalie who will concentrate full time on the ball from the shooter to the goalie stick pocket - if not lapses are there for all to see.

I got the new AllBallPro rebounder.  It has helped me so much that I am repping them.  I bought 5 more (JV 4x4 no wheels, Premium 5x5 w/wheels and Prem XL 5x7) and they are great.  All our positions are using  them at Rockville  and I use them in all my goalie lessons, very helpful in building skills especially with the ball moving quicker and better than any other method that I have seen or used.  Come by and try one - Get one for you program or player, this is the best game-changing piece of equipment I have ever used.

Feb 2014 NCAA Lacrosse Begins  - There is a NEW WALL product, take a look - AllBallPro

Florida Lacrosse Classic - The Florida Lacrosse Classic has grown again and now includes an Over 60 division.  We entered a team (Old and Slow, now named Grateful Undead for Denver) organized by Larry Diamond out of St. Louis.  We got our butts beat and had a great time anyway. We are recruiting to be better and deeper for the World Games.  I just can't seem to retire.  I liked the tournament slogan "Play Until You Cant" and keep it in mind each workout that I have to do to get better/ready.  Jim Landon (JHU '64) played on two recently replaced knees - what a thrill it was to have him in front of me on defense once again.

JHU Opening Game - How about them Johns Hopkins Blue Jays, 10-9 overtime lacrosse WIN over Ohio State University. The defensive changes that Coach Petramala described at the US Lacrosse Coaches Convention in January made a big difference and the offense is really fun with all the quick ball movement. The JHU goalie (Eric Schneider, 1st start for JHU) will get better with Coach Allan's help.  He had some great close in reaction saves late and 13 saves overall to keep the game tied. GO JAYS

Old School Surprise - I restarted correspondence with an old friend and goaltender teammate recently.  He was asking about college goalies and their lack of stepping and other things.  It is good to correspond with him.  The most interesting comments regarded hand rotation.  He reiterated his upbringing around great coaches decades ago in NY State what advocated sweeping the stick across the body for off-stick side saves and how so many current goalies don't do that.  His coaches taught goalies to sweep and step and expect to be hit on some shots as a result. He believes that current era goalies are doing it wrong, trying to propeller their sticks to the off-stick side using a hand crossing motion that leaves the keeper unprepared (in those coaches minds) for rebounds. 

Of course, I believe, teach and advocate that two of the four ways to be fast involve this propeller rotation (to off-side both high and off-hip down to the knee and to low by doing a chop of the top hand underneath the bottom hand).  I did not know about this type of coaching "back in the day" because I learned goaltending much later in life.  This propeller rotation doesn't remove the need for stepping to the shot and getting your body to that side to get hit should the stick miss the ball.  Moreover, as I have been working out on my game, this is the part that comes back the hardest.

Go to the Beach for Camp - Interesting too is preparations for summer camps.  Top 205 applications are finishing up this week.   John Van Lunen and I have just put the finishing touches on Outer Banks Lacrosse Camp for  U15 and U13 Boys July 21-24 evenings at First Flight Middle School in Nagshead.  What a combination, a week at the beach and lacrosse in the evenings.  Check it out.

Quint Kessenich Goalie Camp evenings June 8-11 at Boys Latin in Baltimore is an other great opportunity to learn and meet great coaches and players.

New the No Rebound III,  Deeper, Wider and Still No Whip 

STX Eclipse Colored Heads

New MO-POWR Legal, coming soon - high pocket stick with no whip and compliant with all the new stringing rules

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