MORE POWER because the pocket is high in the stick.  Almost all high pocket sticks have a lot of whip or aren't good for carrying the ball (especially one handed).  Due to the unique and long pocket with the Weston Lacrosse bottom end, this stick has NO WHIP and when carrying the ball settles low too.

The MO-POWR II is multi-year development based in part upon our success with the No Rebound Pocket for Goalies (we use part of that pocket technology in the MO-POWR) and by additional experimentation.  The high pocket characteristics are now dependable AND it is adjustable

MO-POWR III For 2013 we have the MO-POWR III that is compliant to the NCAA stick rules (no shooting strings farther from the lip than 4 inches).  

MO-POWR II/III sticks come as a STX Bionic and others and we will string your head too. Satisfaction guaranteed, this is a stick that once you play with it you will not go back to any other stringing system or stick.


STX Bionic

STX Profile

WE HAVE PROFILE (best for facing off), X3 and Bionic (for defense & middie, Kannon and K18 (for middie and attack) HEADS WITH THE
I  use the X3 w/ 10 degree Crankshaft - it is great

All our sticks are handcrafted, then stretched and dried.  After drying each one is thrown with and adjusted to provide you the best pocket that is ready for play.

Each of our pockets is adjustable.  As they loosen, they may develop unwanted whip.  Or for you whip fanatics, some can be put it in.  If you call us if this happens almost every time the adjustments can be worked out over the phone. Best 1st tip, if the ball is hitting the plastic top of the stick, tighten top shooting string.                

Ordering - You can get this pocket two different ways: We string your stick or you can buy a head already strung. We have small hole mesh and large hole mesh in white and white white strings (white hides the ball.  See the Ordering page for details on pricing. Like everything we do, MO-POWR II is satisfaction guaranteed and repaired at no cost for the 1st year for free (unless abused).

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