History - Beginning in 1998, I was developing the lightest possible goalie stringing method with minimal throwing strings and a narrow pocket for best throwing (for kids). Quite by accident and after much experimentation, a stinging structure developed that throws great. Surprise of surprises it also gives up very few rebounds (the ball is channeled into the deep narrow pocket). After about 5 versions it was ready to sell. Current versions are adjustable.

This NO REBOUND stringing method used with some wet stretching and drying techniques produces a great throwing stick right out of the box. AND, MINIMUM REBOUNDS.  Rebounds can result from a bad grip, punching out when making the save or from a bad stick. This pocket gives you the best stick for minimizing rebounds with the best throw control.

Later, we built a deeper pocket version called the No Rebound II. and now and even deeper and more adjustable (as it breaks in) version the No Rebound III. They are  advancements in the series with better control and better throwing. 

Ordering - You can get this pocket two different ways: We string your stick or you can buy a head already strung. We have small hole mesh and large hole mesh and a myriad of mesh colors - only white strings.  We have Eclipse, Nemesis, Goalmaster and other heads in stock. See the Ordering page for details on pricing. Like everything we do, The No Rebound II/III is satisfaction guaranteed and repaired at no cost for the 1st year for free (unless abused).

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No Rebound II Pocket
STX Eclipse

Warrior Nemisis