Statistics and Recruiting

Goaltending and other Statistics - this month I highlighted the NCAA tournament stats in the Coach's Corner.  From a player's point of view, there are three things to know;

  • High save percentage, such as Scott Rogers, Notre Dame goalie, tournament performance (70% for 4 games), can carry your team

  • Save percentage overall is lower in 2010 than in previous years (no D1 men's goalie > 60%) due in part to a lack of quality keepers -- teams without two high performance keepers scrimmage in practice without a quality opponent in goal - it shows mostly in the poor shooting accuracy of their offensive teams (who are shooting on a less than capable backup goalie).

  • Possession difference (how many more your team gets than the opponent) remains the dominant stat behinds goal difference - you can effect that by your saves w/no rebound, runouts, pickoffs, ground balls and good clears

Most of all, these stats say that there is a lot of room at the top of the men's and women's game for quality goal keepers.  Strive to be the very best by focusing on watching the ball, being ready on every shot, attacking the shot (driving your hands to the ball and stepping) and getting ready for the next shot, no matter what.  Being good in these ways will set you apart from many goalies and give you a chance at the school or program that you want to go to.

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Recruiting - I just got back from two days of Top 205 Camp for rising seniors at Uof MD.  This is a big recruiting event for men's college coaches and prospective players.  The play was defensively pretty ragged as offensive and defensive players tried to show how individually talented they are as coaches from all over look on.  This gave some goalies a chance to shine and some a chance to highlight their weaknesses.  For many this is their best recruiting opportunity for a number of reasons, mostly because there are too few players playing in the top high school leagues to feed the needs of the top or rising D1, 2 and 3 college programs. Coaches prefer getting players from top programs because those players have played in tight games against top competition nearly every week and, therefore, may be able to contribute at the college level.  Players who play well at recruiting camps but come from programs that don't play against tough competition every week tend to be inconsistent at the college level and as such are bigger risk to the recruiting coach.  But, the tough recruiting camps, like Top 205, are better showcases than club team tournaments and are probably equal to seeing players play in their State championship rounds. See the article "Recruiting is mostly Promotion" for more on how to get yourself noticed during various phases of the college recruiting cycle.

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