Rage Cage Portable Lacrosse Goals

Rage Cage Practice Goal with Frank Reeves

Rage Cage Practice Setup

The Goalieman worked with Frank Reeves of First Goal on the original Rage Cage portable goal.  Now Rage Cage has multiple versions; Rage Cage Practice Goal, the Rage Cage Pro, the lighter Rage Cage B100 backyard goal and the newest and lightest backyard Rage Cage Brave goal. These goals collapse and/or set up in seconds.  With the net permanently attached setup is in seconds - NEVER STRING ANOTHER GOAL.

Rage Cage Practice is a full size lacrosse goal that folds in seconds that is intended for lacrosse practices and heavy use The patented joints make Rage Cage Practice a robust piece of sporting goods equipment that is simple to use. Rage Cage Practice is a wonderful solution to all the problems associated with conventional lacrosse goals, such as storage, transportability, vandalism and theft, and most of all stringing goals before practice. 

This goal will fit in your SUV or most cars. That must be a first. I got three in my Jeep Wrangler. And I haven't strung a goal for practice or a lesson, even on the road, since I got the Rage Cage Practice.

Weston Lacrosse stocks and sells The Rage Cage Practice Goal with 4mm net and carrying strap.  At 41 lbs. it is easy to cart around.   We ship anywhere. See our Order page for specific options/shipping. 

Rage Cage Practice Setup
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