Point Blank Shots
The key to point blank shots is to be in a great stance, watch the ball and stay calm until you see the ball coming. So what is a great stance. Try these pointers:

  • On the balls of your feet (so you are ready to move)

  • Knees bent (you can move easily either up for high or down for low shots)

  • Hands out from your chest with your elbows in front of your chest (so you aren't hindered in your move to the ball, especially to the upper corners)

  • Hands on the stick so that the wrists are to the back of the stick (for best rotation of the stick to all areas)

  • Thumb and forefinger grip (so that both hands allow the stick to rotate freely to all corners)

  • Stick high (to take away the top of the goal) and so that the side of the hand is between the top hand eye and the ball (hands are faster from that position)

  • Chest forward of the hips (in preparation for stepping and for an effective shoulder turn to low shots)

  • Position yourself so that the shooter cannot shoot between you and the pipe on low angle shots (takes away his first choice)

When the shot comes drive the top hand to the ball and the bottom hand forward in support as you step to the shot (knees bent throughout).  If all your parts move to the ball (that's right to the ball not the player), you will make a lot of saves in close.

Once you have got this mastered and have the top and pipe covered, you will question whether or not you can get to low shots. If you hold your bottom hand almost still and drive your top hand to the ball, the stick moves so fast (rotating) that you can easily play the low shots too.

Weston Lacrosse 10-29-08