About Us -    Weston Lacrosse was founded in 1997 with the intent of promoting the game of lacrosse.  Two things tend to hold back lacrosse growth, enough good goalies and enough good coaches. Thus, the object then and now is to help coaches build good goalies. Haven't you wondered what to do to help your keeper, what techniques work and what approaches you can use to help him or her improve.  So did I.  I looked for a book or a chapter or something that would help me instruct keepers and found that the only in depth tool was the U.S. Lacrosse video tape, "Goalie The Last Defense".  

So, this book and the companion PC CD is based upon inputs from lots of very talented goalies over the last 15 years. Inputs from great goalie teachers like Glenn Theil (PSU), Guy Van Arsdale (RIT, the NLL and MLL, PSU and now Colorado College) and Mike Pounds (Cortland State and Virginia Wesleyan), successful coaches in their own right, as well as great goalies; Geoff Berlin (JHU), Rodney Rullman (UVA), Doc Dougherty (UofMD and MLL), Quint Kessenich (JHU), Chris Sanderson (UVA), Hunter Frances (Team Toyota), Steve Koudelka (Gettysburg/Lynchburg), Jeff Singer (MIT), Dan Mackesey (Cornell), Erik Miller (Salisbury State, NLL, MLL), Chet Speed (Colgate), Jim Miller, Jake Reed, Brian Carcaterra (JHU and MLL), Sue Heather (Team USA) and others.

Since no one seemed interested in publishing a niche book in a small sport, Weston Lacrosse became a publisher and still publishes the book today, staying ahead of a brisk demand.   It is available from Weston Lacrosse, US Lacrosse, on Amazon.com & Sportarama Discount Sports
   We needed a way to advertise/sell the book and to converse with keepers all over.  So the Weston Lacrosse www page was born initially for just answering goalie questions and providing a  description of the book. This has expanded to a web page completely rewritten and restructured in 2008 www.thegoalieman.com.
   Demand rose for individual/group lessons (that we do more and more of) and for a better goalie stick than was generally available. After a year of experimenting, the first No Rebound Pocket stick stringing was sold. All sticks are strung, stretched and tested by The Goalieman.  Now many versions later, this is a deep pocket, great throwing stick used worldwide by young and old called the No Rebound II Pocket. Later this led to our MO-POWR II pocket for A, M and D sticks -- a high pocket stick with little or no whip (adjustable) considered by high performance player the most accurate and best catching stick around.  

    Weston Lacrosse was founded by and is run by The Goalieman, Jon Weston, a goalie and coach in real life. A member of the 1998 Grand Masters (over 45 years old division) USA World Team and Masters and Grand Masters coach and player. The Goalieman (or GM) is past Assistant Coach at Towson University (1999-2002, 2005), Towson, MD. with Tony Seaman, Head Coach, past Assistant Coach for the State Champion Oakton, VA High School Cougars (2004) with Tony Gray, Head Coach,  past Assistant Coach for the American University Women's Lacrosse Team under Head Coach Ashley Flanigan (2004, 2006).  For 2007 and 2008, he coached at Oakton handling the defense and the goalies - State Finalists 2008.
Call or write any time.  All correspondence answered by The Goalieman.

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