Workouts to get better

In listening to Tony Seaman, Head Lacrosse Coach, Towson University, over the years I heard him say to budding young lacrosse players that they could learn to be an NCAA Division I player if every day they would shoot 100 shots (50 lefty, 50 righty) preferably on the run.  He emphasized this means EVERY DAY, not some days or occasional days or sunny days, but every day.  It bothered me that I didn't have something similar for goalies, something like the "wax off, wax on" from the movie "Karate Kid".  I have developed a few thins and the three I like the best are: 


1) Jump over your stick shaft (preferably with it sitting on top of your gloves) 100 times without

    stopping,  every day, not just some days; 

2) Catch a tennis ball 100 times thrown with your left hand (if you are a righty) and caught by your right
    while laying on your back - every day (start with your right hand 10 in. in front of and to the 
    side of your right eye - watching the ball with your hand by pointing at the ball with that hand until

    the ball is caught

3) Simulate 100 saves - 25 to each corner - in front of a full length mirror using your stick and gloves.

    Work on stance, hand eye coordination (look into the mirror), hand / feet synchronization and

    stepping - every day.  This is the "Walk-the-line" drill that helps in all your mechanics and in learning

    to visualize good technique - by watching yourself.

These might not be quite as life changing as Tony's 100 shots but they all work effectively to make a better keeper and help to reset key skills when distracted by other advice. 


Having a skilled player shoot at game speeds once a week or more often is a very big help too.  Remember to have that player mostly shoot where you want so you can work on your game.


Weston Lacrosse 11-9--08